Film Schedules

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18th LA Harbor International Film Festival (LAHIFF)

WHEN: March 11-14, 2021

WHERE: "Virtual" online via links here

List of films and links to view:


March 11 Prog. A – 10:30 am RBSM Pollyanna real time Webinar presentation


March 12 Prog. B - Opening Night “Mangia Italiano 4” IL POSTINO


March 13 Prog. C - New Filmmakers L.A. (Must pre-register at this link to view and for Q&A)


March 13 Prog. D - HNT Phantom Of The Opera


March 14 Prog. E - DocSunday John Van Hamersveld’s Crazy World Ain’t It Password: CWAI


March 14 Prog. F - DocSunday The Endless Summer