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Tony Podue |

Tony Podue is a 3rd generation San Pedrian and second generation San

Pedro artist. Tony is the grandson of Anton Podue, who came to San Pedro

in the early 1900’s as a immigrant Slav commercial fisherman, who became

one of the founders of the Fisherman’s Co-Op and served as its’

president in 1934, 1935, and 1943, and who captained the Johnnie Boy and

docked in boat in “The Slip” for more the 3 decades; son of Nick Podue

who worked as an Marine Clerk and served the ILWU for more than 41

years, became a emerging artist in his early-thirties and was a member

and served as the vice president of the San Pedro Art Association for

more than 15 years.


Art has always been a part of Tony’s life, as he used to sit and watch

his father paint the scenic and spectacular images of the San Pedro and

its’ harbor. Tony painted his first oil painting on canvas at the age of

six, as his father provide inspiration, canvas, paint and brushes.

Although Tony has worked in virtually every medium, he prefers to paint

in oils and acrylics because of the vibrant colors and infinite pallets.


Although the demands of life had made it difficult to find the time to

devote to art in the past, the desire to paint has always remained

strong. Back in 1999 and before his passing, his father provided a

membership to the San Pedro Art Association to Tony for his birthday,

and this provided the incentive he needed to propel his evident

obsession to art that he enjoys and loves today. Since 2000, Tony has

been the recipient of more than 100 art awards from competitions

throughout Southern California, was one of the featured artist’s in the

“Faces and Places” book of San Pedro published in 2005, and he is active

member of the San Pedro Art Association and Cypress Art League, achieved

Masters classification in the Huntington Beach Art League, is a two time

winner of the ‘Artist of the Year’ and serves as the President of the

Anaheim Art Association and also serves as a Vice President of the

Orange Art Association.


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