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Muriel Olguin | Painter "Through the Cinematic Bridge"

One of the San Pedro’s most talented and beloved artists, Muriel was the

first and only choice to paint the key art for the official LAHIFF 2006

poster. A native of Wilmington, CA.. A graduate of Occidental College,

M.F.A. Cal State Long Beach, teacher, mother  and grandmother, she  is

active in the art community and maintains a studio at The Loft  Building

which is open to visitors on  1st Thursday and by appointment. Her work

has been seen in numerous banners thought the City of Los Angeles,  and

in many private collections. She and her husband, the legendary John

Olguin, are both icons of the town and  support  many local causes and

of course  enjoy the seaside locale,  either in their paddle canoe or

taking long walks with their dogs by the breakwater. See Press Room for

SP Magazine cover story article on Olguin.


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